3 Tips For Getting Top Dollar When Selling Your Car


If you’re ready to get a new car but currently have a car that you’re ready to sell, getting a good price for your old car can help to make financing your new car a lot easier. However, selling cars isn’t necessarily as easy as you might like to think it is. Especially if you’re selling it privately, you might find it hard to get genuine inquiries at the amount that you want or think is fair. So to help improve your chances of turning some type of profit, here are three tips for getting top dollar when selling your car.

Ask For More Than You’re Actually Willing To Accept

To get the most money for your car when selling it, you have to have it priced correctly. One strategy you might want to employ, according to Jerry Edgerton, a contributor to CBS News, is to list your asking price a little higher than what you’re actually willing to accept for the car. By doing this, you give yourself a little wiggle room if an interested party wants to try to negotiate the price down. By asking for a bit more money in the beginning, you can comfortably negotiate with the buyer and allow them to feel like they’re getting a good deal while you can also feel like you’re getting a good deal, too.

Get It Detailed Before Taking Photos Or Showing It

Another thing you can do that can make your car appear to be worth more money is to get it thoroughly cleaned and detailed. If your car’s looking dirty, it will appear much older and in far worse shape than it actually is. But if you take the time and invest a little money into making your car look and smell good, you’ll be able to justify that your car’s in great condition and worth a decent amount of money. According to Jonathan Welsh, a contributor to Today.com, you should at least get your car thoroughly cleaned before you take any photos for ads or have someone come to check it out and test drive it.

Take The Time To Write A Great Ad

When writing an ad for selling your car, there is some basic information that you’re going to want to include. Every buyer will want to know things like the car’s year, make, model, mileage, and title history. With this information, a basic price range can generally be found. However, depending on how well you’ve cared for the car or what additional features might be available, the price could increase drastically. So when you’re writing your ad for selling your car, Alex Leanse, a contributor to Popular Mechanics, advises that you include details about how comfortable or reliable the car is or anything else that might persuade someone to buy it from you.

If you’re about to sell your car and want to increase your chances of getting a great price for it, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you do just that.


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