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July 24, 2017

Websites That Sell For Good Money Quickly

If you want to buy websites that sell or build them, you have to know what works. There are many websites that are worth nothing, and some surprising things that can sell. Use the following guide to help you figure out what works and what to avoid.

The key to getting a website together that someone will buy is to get traffic. It doesn’t matter what the topic is, if you get people to visit in droves you’ll get a lot of money. For sites that even just get a few hundred people a day, there are buyers. You need to keep growing your traffic however you can and you also need to make sure you know how to keep track of it. Google Analytics is a good thing to have in place so you can show off the statistics and people will know they’re legit for the most part.

Doing what you can to have a quality site is a good idea too. When you are able to provide people with a good experience they are going to feel comfortable when buying from you. That, and they usually are going to visit over and over if you’re smart about it. Don’t just sell whatever you can without knowing whether or not it is of great quality. The worst thing for a website is for it to get associated with bad quality because that will follow it around and nobody will want to buy the site for much.

Get SEO into place on your website for even more traffic. You can produce content for your website that attracts visitors by making sure it’s well written and that it contains keywords that people are likely to search for. A lot of the time you will find that it’s hard to come up with content for your website regularly. That’s okay because you can hire people to help you with it. Give them instructions that contain information on the keywords you want to have used and tell them what person to write it in if you have needs for these things.

Buying a website can be helpful if you need one that you can build up and then sell later to other people. Find something that is in a niche you’d be happy with working with for a while or just one that you can get content for regularly. A niche that is always going to be popular can be a good idea to buy into, and there are also good obscure ones. Once you flip a few sites you’ll find what works in your case and what you can be comfortable with dealing with to make it worth more than you paid for it.

A good amount of people give up on websites before they take off because they think nothing is going to happen. You have to dedicate yourself to coming up with content for at least half a year because if you don’t have traffic by that time you probably will be better off making what you can from it by selling it then. You just don’t want to do so prematurely because someone may see its potential and will make tons off of what you sold them in a very short amount of time instead of you.

This information on websites that sell will get you the money you need. You can make a living this way or you can just get some pocket change. It’s always nice to do work and get it recognized by someone putting the money you worked for towards buying it.

July 21, 2017

Engagement Metrics

Improving user interaction leads to customer retention and ultimately growth. Engagement metrics measures the quality of customer engagement. Quantifiables are needed to pursue relevant customer actions to enhance user engagement causing the businesses to grow.

User Engagement

Customer interaction is possible only when the audience realizes the value in the brand.

Engagement metrics work to quantify the value a consumer is gaining from using the brand. It also measures the quality of customer interaction, its frequency, and cause.

Customer Interaction and Growth

The impact of customer engagement is felt on different levels of the business. The value of the customer increases with the duration of his relationship with the brand. Becoming the best content marketer depends on the quality and type of content being offered by the business.

The first step after gaining a customer is retaining him. The longer the business can maintain that loyalty, the more revenue is generated by that connection. This leads to the particular customer being associated with higher Lifetime Value and hence he could be considered for a higher customer retention cost.

A positive user interaction leads to income and recommendations.

Engagement Metrics

Each brand is unique to its business and has its own customer base. Therefore, one interaction measure can’t be used as a yardstick for another business.

Also, it is important that the organization understands its objectives before applying a metrics. The business should attempt a few before finding the one that complements their requirements a 100%.

Daily Active Customers (DAU), Weekly Active Consumers (WAU), and Monthly Active Audience (MAU)

DAU, WAU, and MAU segregate the customers that are active within the specific time period.

An active customer is defined as the one that is not passive in his interactions with the brand on the social media platform or the company’s website. He is willingly sharing content, or completing feedback form, etc., tasks designed to judge his participating status.

Also, comparing Daily Active Users against weekly or even Monthly Active Users lets the business judge the loyalty of an active customer. The frequency with which he interacted with the brand and stayed with it for how long!

The Stickiness Ratio

It is calculated by comparing DAU against MAU. A 50% ratio suggests that the customer is using the app or returning to the site for 15 days in a month.

Customer Retention

This engagement metrics calculates the aggregates of customers actually utilizing the app after 1, 7, or 30 days of downloading it. It is quantified as D1, D7, and D30.

It can be tabulated using tools such as Mixpanel, KISSmetrics cohorts analysis, and the Retention Curve.

July 20, 2017

Top Penny Stock Trading Strategies For New Traders

Stock Trader

Many people are drawn to the idea of trading penny stocks because of the ‘high risk, high reward’ concept that comes with them. Even though penny stocks are incredibly volatile and it’s possible to lose a lot of money with them, there’s also no denying that it’s possible to receive a massive return on your investment as well.

This Timothy Sykes review, for example, tells of how Mr. Sykes easily manages to make over one hundred thousand dollars a day through penny stock day trading.

Nonetheless, you can’t just rush into penny stock trading without having any clue of what to do. That’s just a recipe for disaster.

Here are the top penny stock trading strategies for new traders:

Keep Emotions Out The Door

The most important piece of advice that can be given to you in regards to trading any kind of stock is to always keep your emotions out the door. By forging an emotional connection to a company of a particular stock, it’s easy to become blinded from seeing which stocks are actually worth trading. Buy and sell stocks based on logic and the circumstances of the market, not on your emotions.

Only Buy Stock From Reputable Companies

A lot of fraud happens on the penny stock market and this discourages many people from investing their money in penny stocks. However, you can avert fraud by only buying stock from reputable companies with a good history and potential, and the best way to find these companies is to only trade penny stocks from companies that are accepted on the major stock exchanges.

Find Out Which Companies Have The Best Potential

Only going to companies featured on the major stock exchanges is only the first step towards deciding which specific companies to invest in. You how have to find out which companies have the best potential for a breakout. Pay close attention to which companies professional investors are keeping their eye on

Buy Low, Sell High

This is an obvious piece of advice when it comes to trading penny stocks, but it’s still worth repeating. Making money with trading stocks means buying the stocks when they are low (and as much of them as you can), and then selling them when they are high.

The key here is being able to make decisions quickly. You may see a stock drop in price but you don’t buy it because you may think it will drop further, only for it to shoot up in price mere hours later. The same could go when you see a stock increase in price, and you wait again only for it to drop in price.

Make decisive decisions quickly and be prepared to cut your losses if a stock appears to be plummeting in value.

Trading Strategies For Beginners

Overall these are the top beginner penny stock trading tips for you to follow. There is certainly a learning curve to trading penny stocks, so as a final word of advice, start small and learn how to day trade effectively before you begin to increase the amount of money you invest.

July 19, 2017

Know About What Is Influencer Marketing

If you are a start-up or an old business, putting yourselves out there on the Internet is an essential marketing principle that you should follow. If you are new to the world of Internet marketing and are wondering what influencer marketing is, this article will help you get the basic understanding of the same.

What is influencer marketing?

The marketing strategy wherein you either inspire influential people or hire them to talk about your product on social media and other networking sites is known as influencer marketing. The people that you select for this job are known as influencers.

The idea behind this tactic is that you as an organization concentrate only on few individuals rather than the hundreds of thousands of people following them on social media. The influencers will then talk about your product, features, and benefits on their blogs and social media sites.

What is influencer marketing made of?

Influencer marketing is a combination of two types of marketing, content marketing being the first. In content marketing, you need to develop the content based on your product that will be shared with the audience.

This content needs to be catchy and engaging to grasp the attention of potential customers. You can get help from the best content marketers who will develop the right content as per your product or service you are offering.

The second type of marketing is social media marketing. In this strategy, social media is used as a tool for creating a buzz in the market for your product or service. This type of marketing is also known as social network marketing.

The social media marketing is fast becoming popular because of its ease and the potential to reach out to thousands of people in just a matter of few seconds.

Influencer marketing is the way to move forward

The reason why influencer marketing is so influential is that people tend to trust the influencers more than the company. A review by a technology expert will have more impact on the consumers than the video made by the company who has developed that particular device.

Now that you know what is influencer marketing and the benefits it has to offer, you should consider including it in your marketing campaign. Social media is a powerful tool to reach out to a huge audience around the world. Use its potential to get your product or service out there in the market for everyone to see.

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July 14, 2017

Social Network Marketing: The New Age Marketing Strategy

How often do you find yourself spending time on social media every day? Liking posts, pictures, and browsing through advertisements. When this same social media is used to market a product or a service, the tactic used is known as social network marketing.

What is social network marketing?

The Internet has been around for quite some time now, and its power and capability is increasing day by day. Social media is another set of web tools that have made the world a smaller place.

You can reach out to a friend, thousands of miles away from you, in just a few seconds. Companies to market their products and services and build a brand name for them can apply this same strategy.

A small company situated on one end of the world can market its product to people all around the world, with a decent network connection.

Why is marketing through social media beneficial?

With the help of the best content marketers you could set up your advertisement or posts, up on any social media site. In the battle between social network marketing vs. traditional marketing, it is the former, which comes out on the top.

Social media is much more engaging. It helps you reach out to a much larger audience. Potential customers can see the products, read through the detailed features, like and comment on your posts.

Queries can be instantly answered, which in turn makes a happy customer. You can also post updates on your products and keep the customers in the loop about any latest developments.

When a notification indicating a friend likes a product pops up on a user’s screen, there are more chances of the user checking out the product. A single like can create a trail of clicks on to your page.

With the help of a good social media-marketing plan, you can not only attract new leads but also maintain the customer base you have formed.

Get your social network marketing strategy in place

Browse the Internet to find the best online marketers who could help you set up your plan. Alternatively, you can also find social media marketing tutorials online, which will help you, build a foundation for your product or service.

Choose your social media sites wisely. Target sites that attract the most traffic, to a guarantee a better visibility for your advertisement. With the social media marketing benefits, it is worth giving a shot to the new age marketing plan.

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Why Is Content Writing the Most Useful Marketing Service?

Advertising businesses, companies or products online require effective content marketing techniques. Content writing involves creating online content like blogs and articles. These can be used to promote a product and attract customers via imaginative and engaging content. So why is content writing the most effective way to reach a large number of customers? And what makes it different from the usual product descriptions, paid advertisements and regular information? Read on to find out.

Great Content Leads To The Eventual Greatness Of A Product

Consumers research a product or a brand on the web for answers and assurance before buying or investing. Helpful content writing is important than most people think.

Quality content that engages the consumer and promotes the brand is an important necessity. Blogs or articles that provide a reading experience that assures the consumer in a creative manner are preferred over direct propagandist advertisements.

Presence On The Web Means Presence In Mind

Content writing is a marketing tactic which is used in all the types of digital marketing platforms. It paves the way for the eventual success of a product through the consistent presence of advertising content on all digital platforms.

Some Of The Techniques That Ensure The Constant Presence On Web Include,

  •    Social media marketing which involves the presence of viable content on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.
  •    Creating the best inbound marketers like attractive websites and specialized blogs.
  •    Publishing consistent content in line with the SEO.

Great Content Increases The Awareness And Credibility Of The Brand

Engaging content that brings about the different perspectives to look forward to a brand increases the consumer’s interest. Such content shared on social media increase the brand’s outreach and the number of consumers.

Promotions of a product in personal blogs validate its user experience. Promotions made on social media with creative slogans, inventive campaigns and hashtagging spark instant interest among the masses.

Creative Content In All Its Forms Is A Great Marketing Technique

There is no necessity to follow the conventional way of writing. Creative promotions like imaginative tweets or innovative memes are the newest ways of advertising.

Marketing the products in this manner leads to massive shares on social media and increases popularity tenfold.

Cheapest Way Of Advertising

Content writing is one of the cheapest ways of advertising. Unleashing content on the web is easier than printing, TV commercials or endorsements. The Web also provides a larger base of an audience than any other media. It is also the most inexpensive.

It is the most inexpensive way of increasing the brand’s outreach and usually ensures fruitful returns. It works best for the common interest of buyers and sellers as most buyers like to research the products and compare their viability on the web.

And that’s why content writing is getting competitive by the day.

Looking to Make Your Marketing More Interactive? 4 Effective Strategies to Consider

interactive marketing

Ever feel like you’re simply posting content into a void that nobody’s actually reading or watching?

Feels like a waste of time, right?

Given the amount of effort that businesses put into content creation, our content strategies should be based on a positive ROI rather than a shot in the dark. That’s why encouraging and measuring engagement on any given piece of content is so important.

Regardless of what your business is saying or selling, your content strategy should be centered around the concept of your audience taking action.

However, many marketers unfortunately make the mistake of talking at their customers rather than talking with them. This is surprising given the countless opportunities afforded by businesses to get on the same level as their base.

If you feel like your content has grown cold or you’re simply not getting the engagement you’ve hoped for, consider the following six strategies to make your posts pop.

Embrace the Video Revolution

Video marketing is experiencing a massive boom at the moment. If you’ve solely relied on text-based content marketing, it’s high time that you figure out how you can embrace the rise of digital video.

For example, you could do any combination of the following…

  • Convert your old blog posts into YouTube videos, which is especially helpful if you’re covering a how-to or educational topic
  • Use live video via Facebook or YouTube to reach your audience in real-time
  • Catch the eyes of your audience with creative animated whiteboard videos to set yourself apart from traditional vloggers

Incorporate More Imagery

Simply put, there’s a good chance that your readers are sleeping on your blogs because they’re flat out bored with your formatting and presentation. Sprinkling imagery throughout your content every couple hundred of words is broken to decrease bounce rate and make your content more scroll-friendly for mobile readers. Screenshots, infographics and embedded YouTube videos are all fair game as long as they’re relevant.

Ask More Questions

Remember that content should represent a conversation, none a one-way street. Perhaps the way to ensure that your content resonates with readers and viewers is by quite literally asking what they want to see and read. For example, you can ask questions through…

  • Social posts and Q&A sessions via Twitter or Facebook Live
  • Calls-to-action which request responses via blog comments
  • Your email lists, picking the brains of your subscribers

Obviously it’s crucial that you answer these questions to signal yourself as a resource and to show your readers or viewers that you’re listening. Keeping up with social mentions and comments is crucial: try to be timely and respond to such feedback as quickly as possible.

Asking questions of your audience doesn’t have to be rocket science. Think of such questions as a sort of call-to-action that encourages some sort of response to your content, even if it’s something short and sweet.

Always Give Your Audience Something to Click

Speaking of CTAs, always make sure that you’re giving your audience an opportunity to so something in exchange for their time and attention. Whether it’s a sign-up for a lead magnet or checking out a video, never leave your readers and viewers hanging or wondering what to do next.

The most compelling content creators out there today are the ones that regularly converse with their audience. If you want to squeeze more out of your current content strategy, make interacting with your base a top priority.

July 10, 2017

Effective Ways to Enhance Website Engagement

Interesting the customer in a brand is hard. Retaining that interest is even harder! We bring to you some great advices on how to enhance your brand’s website engagement for a long-long time!

An advertiser has to come constantly up with new ways to enhance the brand’s website engagement by providing appealing content.

Bringing Customers to the Site

No market, small or big, is without its competition. Getting a customer through organic Google search, an ad, or a referral link is the first step. The next is to engage his interest in the brand to get successful conversions.

Increasing website engagement is a daunting and a challenging task for a marketer. The target consumer has a variety of available choices and emerging on top of that is no easy job!

Steps to Drive Website Engagement

There are several ways a visitor can be made interested in the site’s content. To become the best content marketer, the advertiser needs to present content in such an engaging method that the consumer has no choice but to go for it.

Options to Interact Directly

If a website offers its audience a chance to communicate directly with someone knowledgeable about the brand, it generates trust in the product or service. Any query is immediately addressed accordingly.

The interaction could be through chat, call, or a scheduled appointed visit by the representative.

On a functional scale, Genbook and Schedulicity are good scheduling tools. This also helps capture customer information that can help in data analysis later on.

Adding Search Alternatives

It would be a good idea to add on a search tool that lets the customer search for what they are looking for.

The customer is not always happy to navigate an entire site to look for a particular product.

Google Custom Search and search widget by WordPress can help you out there.

Connecting through Visual Medium

Adding pictures or short interactive videos generate customer curiosity towards the brand.

Build in the trust by showing in-house customer reviews, interesting facts, useful tips, etc. on the website. It can be an engaging and a learning experience for the customer.

Viewbix is one such tool that can help in creating interactive videos for the website.

Content Management

The advertiser should be aware that ultimately it is the content that matters when it comes to website engagement. Hence it should be smart and relatable.

A marketer selling multiple products should be aware of how to place the product information on the site. No one product should overshadow the other. The site should cater to all equally and effectively.

Also, add links that provide more interesting, relatable information regarding your brand. That’ll keep them on the website longer!

Jason Kulpa – Is Advertising Different From Marketing?

Jason Kulpa

The answer to that question is YES! Some people gets confused. It is uncommon that people do not know the difference between advertising and marketing. They may be related, but they are composed of different processes. But once you read into it, it is actually not at all difficult to understand.

Jason Kulpa is a CEO, Founder, and Leading Marketing Expert of Underground Elephant. According to him, knowing the difference between these terms is vital in achieving a successful business.

If you are into business, you should know these terms. Understanding marketing and advertising will put your business a step closer to success.

Marketing and Advertising

All advertising efforts are marketing but not all marketing efforts are advertising. Confusing? It means that advertising is a part of marketing. Think of marketing as a whole pizza while advertising is a slice of that yummy pizza.

This will definitely cost a good amount of money. To get your money’s worth, make a strategic and well-researched marketing plan.

A successful strategic plan will come a long way.

What Is Marketing?

Marketing a process that involves research and analysis. A thorough planning and implementation are important to achieve an effective marketing.

The most important part of marketing is knowing your target audience. You cannot target everyone. Research and gather information and details as many as possible. All your marketing efforts should cater to your audience. Failure to do so might result in a disaster.

Another important idea to dwell on is the unique selling proposition. More often than not, companies have competitors. You have to think of ways to position your company different than your competitors.

Marketing, as mentioned, is a pizza. Some of its slices are advertising, public relations, sales and distribution, and promotions. These should work independently, but also inter-dependently.

Marketing is such a big umbrella but it has four elements: product, price, place, and promotion. Understanding of each will give you ideas and plans for your marketing plan.

What Is Advertising?

Advertising is one of the many marketing strategies. The goal is to position a company and raise awareness. By these, you will be able to make your products and services known.

In a more simple saying, spreading the word. Communication is key.

Paid, public, and persuasive.

It is the most expensive marketing effort.

It uses a mix of channels to reach a company’s audience.

It uses creative components to get the message across.

All your advertising efforts should align with your marketing plan. Use advertising strategies and channels that would cater to your target audience. You cannot advertise without a marketing strategy.

Research what works and what does not. It is through advertising that companies build their creative position in their industry.

Jason Kulpa Is Your Marketing Guy!

As an industry expert, Jason Kulpa can provide results-driven marketing strategies. With many success stories in his pocket, he is the right fit for your marketing needs.

Passionate to serve clients with breakthrough solutions, he guides you to success.

Browse through his website and witness brilliance. For your marketing needs, you know who to call for—Jason Kulpa.

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3 Online Marketing Tips Every Business Owner Needs to Know

marketing meeting

Running a business is hard work.

Lots of people dream of starting a business and being their own boss, but they don’t realize the busy, never-ending world that they are about to step into.

Marketing is often the most important skill needed by new business owners and many don’t have a clue what they’re doing. Luckily, the internet offers a wide variety of tools when it comes to attracting prospects and turning them into customers.

If you’re new to online marketing or are looking for a refresher on what is important in this ever-increasing digital world, then this article is for you.

Below are 3 online marketing tips every business owner should know.

1. Don’t Skimp on Your Website

The bread and butter of any online business is a website. Simply put, your business can’t market itself online if it doesn’t have a workable site.

As a business owner, it’s also extremely important to the credibility of your business that you have a site that looks professional.

There are lots of ways to build a professional-looking website these days. Squarespace and WordPress offer a wide variety of themes to make your business site stand out.

For the less technically-savvy, it’s almost never a bad bet to just have your website professionally designed. It’s going to have a strong ROI in the long term, and it saves you quite a bit of pain and frustration trying to do it yourself.

2. Keep It Simple

Online marketing can be pretty daunting for those who are unfamiliar. Heck, it can be overwhelming for people in-the-know, too.

That’s why it is extremely important to apply the K.I.S.S. method to everything you do online. Keep it simple, stupid.

There are many different marketing channels for you to potentially operate in, but, more often than not, it is best to stick to just one or two at a time. If those channels perform well, keep doing more of that. If they don’t, then change things up and move on to a couple of others.

What you don’t want to do is spread your marketing message across 8 or 9 different channels at one time. This makes it incredibly difficult to stay on top of what is working and what isn’t. Plus, it usually ends up burning through more money than you would like.

Also, don’t forget to keep your website design simple, too. For example, take a look at this rental site for apartments in Toronto. It’s easy to navigate, everything you need to know is right there, and there aren’t hundreds of ads or pop-ups to deal with.

Simple is always better.

3. When in Doubt, Go with SEO

With a fully functional website and knowing that just a few marketing channels is the best strategy, you probably want to start with SEO.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and for many businesses, is the most important marketing channel to operate in.

Many people turn to Google when searching for products or services. If your site is one of the first few that show up, this greatly increases your chances of landing a new customer.

There are lots of ways to improve the SEO of your website, but a few tried and true methods include well-placed keywords into page titles and articles, creating high quality content, and optimizing your website’s load times.

Time to Get After It

Effectively marketing your business online takes time and effort. Fortunately, there is no better time than now to get started. The tips you have learned in this article should help as you begin your online marketing ventures.


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