SEF Service Map automatically detects multi-language sites and generates site maps for each language version. It does not require and other actions from the user.
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SEF Service Map 2

A Free Sitemap for Joomla 1.5

SEF Service Map 2
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Written by Radoslaw Kubera   
Thursday, 13 November 2008 15:47

1. General Information

SEF Service Map is a Joomla 1.5.x component, which aim is to create a complete map of the site. Here are the basic possibilities:
  • SEF Service map creates three kinds of site maps: HTTP, XML i TXT;
  • SEF Service Map is the only active site map available. Thanks to a built-in PingBack mechanism (, the site map can actively report (ping) new or modified items to, and other services. Thanks to that, indexing robots (spiders) will visit your site much more often and the site can index itself without your further activity. Once your site becomes a trusted site for search engines, your new or modified items will be able to appear in the index after a few hours;
  • SEF Service Map is the first site map to integrate not only the standard Joomla! components (content, RSS newsfeeds, weblinks and contacts) but also other components, using an integrator mechanism. This makes SEF Service Map an open component. Moreover, it?s the only site map to integrate add-ons to other site maps such as Joomap and Xmap (, which allows the integration of a large number of components;
  • SEF Service map is compatible with integrators for previous Joomla versions (1.0.x). The moment you turn off the compatibility mode (Legacy), it avoids the use of incompatible integrators, which allows further work without the message "Direct access is not allowed";
  • SEF Service Map allows the installation of even two (or more) integrators for the same component. In the site map structure, you will be able to choose which integrator to use;
  • SEF Service Map is the only component available to create site maps for services consisting of more than 50.000 pages. It is possible thanks to streaming creation of the site map (which disallows memory overload) and division of the main XML site map into smaller maps. Index of these maps is then reported to search engines, in compatibility with specification;
  • SEF Service Map in the moment of installation, by itself reports the site map to search engines and adds relevant entries in the robots.txt file ? thanks to that, there is no need to additionally report the site map to search engines. However, adding the XML site map to Google Webmaster Tools ( is still advised in order to enable monitoring whether the site map import process is valid.
  • SEF Service Map allows site map pagination presented in WWW form. Thanks to that the power of internal linking is increased. The map allows adding item descriptions to each generated link. Thanks to these mechanisms, it does not become a mere link farm (which positively affects search engine spiders), but also becomes user-friendly ? it allows simple map navigation and provides link descriptions. For large maps, the division into smaller maps drastically decreases the use of transfer.
  • SEF Service Map has two kinds of butli-in cache: one based on database or file system. Database cache is recommended for services, which disallow write access permission on file system. Both solutions decrease server load in different ways. In case of file system cache, the number of queries to database is decreased and in case of database cache ? processor load (simultaneously with the number of queries to database).
  • SEF Service Map automatically detects multi-language sites and generates site maps for each language version. It does not require and other actions from the user.


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