Development of the original SEF Service Map has been disconinued and we are working on a completely new sitemap generator.

SEF Service Map was a Joomla 1.5.x component, which aim was to create a complete map of the site. The development and support of the product has been discontinued.

We are working on a completely new solution that will replace SEF Service Map on this domain. Please keep tuned. Until we finish, you can check our other domain related tools available on the web:
- Other sitemap generating tools on the web
- Find it out who owns a domain
- Appraise a domain value
- Domain name suggestion tools

and many more.

Please check back soon for a new generation sitemap generator.

Some special features SEF Service Map provided:
- SEF Service map created three kinds of site maps: HTTP, XML, TXT;
- SEF Service Map was the only active site map available. Thanks to a built-in PingBack mechanism (, the site map can actively report (ping) new or modified items to, and other services. Thanks to that, indexing robots (spiders) will visit your site much more often and the site can index itself without your further activity.
- SEF Service Map was the only component available to create site maps for services consisting of more than 50.000 pages.

We will try to build something even better, thank you for your patience.